Antonella Roccuzzo, Lionel Messi’s WAG

Antonella Roccuzzo, Lionel Messi’s WAG

Her enchanting smile, sun-tanned beautiful body and sparkling eyes may make many a man’s heart skip a beat. But only one man managed to ‘score’ her. Who else but maybe the best footballer ever, Lionel Messi, can call Antonella Roccuzzo his girlfriend.

As opposed to many football players who are surrounded by gold diggers and women with an addiction to the spotlights, the love between Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo is one that goes way back to their childhood years. They first met when they were five years old. Both Argentine families knew each other well. Antonella is a cousin of Messi’s best friend Lucas Scaglia.

In 2008 the spark between lily white Lionel and Latina Antonella ignited during the Christmas holidays, and they became a couple. They were spotted being intimate during holidays in Brazil and south of Barcelona. In 2010 they got engaged and after two years their son Thiago was born.

Antonella Roccuzzo girlfriend of Lionel Messi

But even though Antonella Roccuzzo can be proud of her insanely feminine body, her intelligence does not suffer from it. The Missus studied at Rosario University and has a degree in Nutritional Sciences. She would probably be able to make her own millions as a model but prefers staying out of the spotlights. She rarely does interviews or photo shoots but as the girlfriend of the world’s most famous footballer she cannot avoid being photographed by paparazzi regularly.

Whenever possible Roccuzzo tires to see her boyfriend in action with FC Barcelona. She has no problems with Lionel spending most of his spare time on his Playstation. As famous ‘girlfriend of’ the tabloid press even studied her interests.

From the places where she was spotted the tabloid reporters could conclude that Antonella likes shopping, does not hate holidays and likes to wear Adidas. Wow, what an interesting revelations, no?

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