Carla Higgs, Vincent Kompany’s HOT girlfriend

Carla Higgs, Vincent Kompany’s HOT girlfriend

Carla Higgs has been Vincent Kompany’s pretty girlfriend for several years. The couple even got married and already have a baby: Sienna.

The English girl met Kompany when he was still playing in the German city of Hamburg. For two years their relationship remained a secret, it was not until 2010 that their love was made public when they appeared at a charity event in Manchester together. In that city she has also got her own radio show: ,,I’ve had my own programme on Radio Capitol in Manchester for a few weeks now. I’m the host of a breakfast show.” She would also like to host a sports show: ,,Because I love sports. For that matter, it helps being married to a top athlete.”

According to Carla Higgs she is the reason Kompany signed with Manchester City: ,,Indeed I’ve been a fan of City all my life. I might have introduced it to Vincent. I told him City was my team and my entire family supported them. Then he thought: I might have to take a look there.” She often goes to the matches: ,,I usually come along when there’s a match. By the way, Belgium is really great. I really mean that. Of course I am not a Belgian, but whenever I’m talking about Belgium I always say we.”

In her opinion she is anything but the standard WAG: ,,I am not some blonde bimbo with a Chihuahua in her handbag, am I?” About their characters she says: ,,We are opposites, he is a gentleman, always polite and proper. He is always really a¬ware of what is or isn’t appropriate. Me on the other hand, I am an unguided missile. I’m loud and in your face. And nowadays I cannot be impulsive Carla in any situation. Even though I try to stay myself, which you might have noticed from my festival reports: I am just a Manchester girl, I love football and music.”

Carla Kompany wore: 1. Navy Ligne Y Clutch – YVES SAINT LAURENT 2. 100MM ROCKSTUD LEATHER PUMPS – VALENTINO

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