Claire Hall, girlfriend of Tim Krul

Claire Hall, girlfriend of Tim Krul

For years he lived outside the spotlights of the Dutch media, but Tim Krul is known throughout the Netherlands since the World Cup of 2014. The Newcastle United keeper is in a relationship with Claire Hall, an English beauty who he met after his transfer.

Curl exchanged The Hague for the adventures of the Premier League at an early age. As a 17-year-old he signed with Newcastle. Some rental periods and a lot of patience later he has become the first man of The Magpies. In England he also met Claire.

The Krul household is quite worried recently about what happened in their back garden. Namely Tim and Claire last year supported with abandon the opposition to wind turbines in their immediate living environment of Northumberland. Claire even appeared at a rally, while Tim put his signature on a petition against the enormous wind turbines. Tim and Claire have a little daughter. The tall goalkeeper took her with him on the pitch before the match against Cardiff City.

Where sports are concerned Krul is doing great. His status and popularity are growing. In addition to a starting spot at Newcastle, he has also reached the top three goalkeepers in the Netherlands. In the World Cup match against Costa Rica the man from The Hague experienced his “finest hour.” Deep in the extra time he was introduced regarding the penalty shootout, and successfully: Krul stopped two out of five penalty kicks and became the hero of the Dutch team. Afterwards he spoke of a ‘childhood dream’.

Claire for now is still keeping out of the wind. Photos from the couple do emerge here and there, but Claire is not looking for the spotlight herself and is definitely not a standard WAG. Which seems wise, as English tabloids feast on ‘wags’ who are exploiting their own lives. But Claire is not interested in this, she is keeping her relationship with Tim Krul private. Therefore, there is little known about her. What we do know is that Claire has family who are from “the other side”. This is pointed at the rivalry between Newcastle United and Sunderland. Additionally, Krul at some time admitted that it is Claire who runs the household and prepares his daily mash. Because as he tells it he is ‘too lazy’ to cook…