Candy-Rae Fleur, Daley Blind’s girlfriend

Candy-Rae Fleur, Daley Blind’s girlfriend

He is not in the habit of showing her off abundantly but every now and then Daley Blind lets us know he is happy with his girlfriend Candy-Rae Fleur. The brunette from Amsterdam, just like Daley, is sporty and pleasantly eccentric. Now they left for Manchester together where Daley is playing for Manchester United.

While Daley Blind is a star on the football field, Candy-Rae’s domain is the dance floor. She studied at the University of the Arts after going to Herman Wesselink College in Amstelveen. At the moment she is a dancer at Lydia’s Dance Center. At least, this is based on her Facebook-profile.

Daley Blind’s WAG: Candy-Rae Fleur

In mid 2013 Daley Blind talked about his relationship with Candy-Rae in Cosmopolitan : ,,I see myself as a regular Joe and the two of us as a regular couple. I think it’s mostly difficult at times for my girlfriend, Candy-Rae, as a football player gets more attention than other people. Candy-Rae is an enormous support and I try to be the same for her. She is a student and a dance teacher. But every now and then I notice how I’m living in my own world. II am focussing so much on my own performance I sometimes forget when she has important events. Luckily she keeps me on my toes and tells me.”

To Helden Magazine Candy-Rae Fleur recently said how she hates the WAG-image: ,,I don’t mind not being recognised as Daly’s girlfriend on the street. United is a club where every player’s wife is photographed as soon as she leaves her house. I am not and I’d like it to stay that way. There never was a photographer around when we went into town during the Ajax-days.”
He is attracted by her sportive side: ,,I love it that she’s active: she is a kick boxer, runner and dancer”. He is not really waiting for his candy to get her own place in the spotlight, though: ,,If she is approached for something like a photo shoot because she is “the girlfriend” I actually don’t think she should do this. It’s what I like about her, that she’s modest and stays in the background. But if she’s going to build her own career and get in the spotlights because of it she obviously has my full support.”
To counter the lofty words from this women’s rag here are some pictures of Daley Blinds girlfriend Candy-Rae..

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