Daniela Jehle, Dutch girlfriend of Marc Andre Ter Stegen

Daniela Jehle, Dutch girlfriend of Marc Andre Ter Stegen

Marc Andre Ter Stegen has been in a relationship with Dutch Daniela Jehle since 2012. They have a dog together, called Bali, who was missing for a while several years ago.

Daniela Jehle is a cosmopolitan. For a year she went to a High School in San Diego, California. She picked her Architecture studies back up in Barcelona, where she returned when her boyfriend Marc Andre Ter Stegen signed with FC Barcelona.

Ever since she has been one of the most popular WAGS in Spanish media. She is a daughter of Lukas Pubben and mother Dagmar. A couple of years back her parents split up. She has sisters, Katharina and Stefanie and a brother, Timo. Her mother Dagmar had a daughter in her new relationship as well: Lynn.

Besides studying Daniela Jehle fills her time with making trips with her boyfriend Marc Andre Ter Stegen, and making sporty and sexy selfies for her Instagram-account, on which she has almost a hundred thousand followers. The pretty blonde, whom Marc Andre lovingly calls ‘Dela’, visits almost all the games of FC Barcelona. They live together in Castelldefels. She rarely gives interviews. Marc Andre Ter Stegen is not a very talkative man either. He does not like doing interviews and is not a player who a very overt private life. And even though Marc Andre Ter Stegen and Daniela have been together for years, it still never came out how they first met.

In Germany Marc Andre Ter Stegen is often compared to his role model, Oliver Kahn. After transferring from Borussia Monchengladbach to FC Barcelona it seemed he would be a threat to Manuel Neuer as first stopper of the German national team, but it is frustrating for Ter Stegen that he cannot play nearly all games in Barcelona.. He is said to be making about three million Euro a year.

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