Elena Rudy, Sebastian Rudy’s anonymous wife

Elena Rudy, Sebastian Rudy’s anonymous wife

Sebastian Rudy married his Elena in May 2014. They had already been together for many years.

,,This is the most emotional day of my life”, ‘Sippi’ said when he emerged from the church in Rottweil. The Hoffenheim player knew a very good time back then anyway as he first played for the German national team. After their marriage they flew to Jamaica for their honeymoon.

A couple of months late Rudy had the scare of a lifetime when he suddenly lost his wedding ring after a training camp in the Swiss town of Tuggen. Together with a team mate the defensive midfielder raced back the fifty kilometres after which they initiated a huge search on the training field. And look: on the midfield – like a needle in a haystack- the wedding ring was recovered.

After that they are living in Heidelberg together. Little is known of what Elena does in her everyday life. She does not do a lot of interviews and on her Facebook-page there are only some holiday photos and pictures from her childhood. Elena is best described as a real ‘girl next door’ with her blonde hair and merry smile. On her Instagram, remarkably only followed by a few hundred people, holiday photos and some snapshots of her posing madly in love with her husband are dominant as well. She also has a lot of photos of flowers. Her motto is: ,,Happy people do not have the best of everything, happy people make the best of everything.”

Sebastian ‘Sippi’ Rudy started his career at VfB Stuttgart, after which he made the switch to TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in 2010. It is unknown what the salary of the midfielder is there, but judging from the interest from other clubs it seems only a matter of time before he secures a transfer with the millions to match.. And there is no doubt Elena Rudy will accompany him. Apart from that German tabloids are curious as to when the couple announces to be expecting an addition to the family.


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