Emma Rhys-Jones, childhood sweetheart of Gareth Bale

Emma Rhys-Jones, childhood sweetheart of Gareth Bale

For a long time, Emma Rhys-Jones, girlfriend of Gareth Bale, was a WAG living in anonymity. Until the Hope of Wales relocated to Real Madrid and she was suddenly in the spotlight as well.

And the spotlight is not exactly the place where Emma prefers to dwell. She prefers staying at home with Gareth and their daughter Alba. There she will drink a glass of good red wine on the sofa while they’re watching a DVD.

The love between Emma and Gareth dates back to their teenage years. They started dating at the early age of 13. They both lived in Cardiff, less than two miles apart.

Ever since, especially Rhys-Jones has been the cornerstone of the family. For a short time, she worked as a hairdresser. The beautiful brunette struggled to let go of her relatives when the family moved to Madrid, as the forward was sold for close to a hundred million euros. Not only because her parents divorced twelve years ago, but especially because her father Martin may be convicted to ten years in prison in the US, for fraud. This possible long-term conviction is also said to be the reason the couple postponed a planned marriage.

And whereas Emma is in no way interested in the life of a famous WAG, people had sooner expected her sisters Katie and Charlotte to hook a footballer for the glamorous life involved. As the “sisters of the girlfriend of Gareth Bale” they apparently have been spotted a lot in the VIP-areas of nightclubs and are said to go on regular dates with famous rugby players.

In 2016, the Bale family welcomed their second baby: Nava Valentina. Although both Emma and Gareth Bale are known as sober and “down to earth”, he is said to be the one setting the pace in the Welsh locker room. That’s quite an achievement, given that the Welsh winger has a weekly sum of about three hundred thousand deposited into his bank account. Bale played for Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur and Real Madrid.