Erika Choperena, Antoine Griezmann’s shy girlfriend

Erika Choperena, Antoine Griezmann’s shy girlfriend

Preferably Antoine Griezmann and his girlfriend Erika Choperena like to stay far away from the spotlight. Since mid-2011 the Basque brunette has been in a relationship with the French striker.

Griezmann and his girlfriend Erika Chopenera met in the Spanish town of San Sebastian, where the Frenchman has been living since he was 13. He decided to leave his hometown of Macon because in French football mainly physically strong strikers got a chance.

In San Sebastian it was not just his career at Real Sociedad that blossomed, but also love. During workout Griezmann bumped into the lovely Erika. Five years after their meeting they had their first baby. Their daughter Mia was born on April 8, 2016. Griezmann already said his daughter will receive a bilingual education form the dinner table in both French and Spanish.

Erika Choperena is anything but a WAG. She shuns the spotlight and studied educational sciences in the past. She has shielded her Instagram profile. In the past she used to keep a blog, “Sincerely, Erika”, about fashion, beauty and nutrition. But when Spanish and French media got wind of her website she decided to quit.

Although she does not give interviews and very little is known about her life, Erika unwaveringly sits in the stands of Atletico Madrid and the French national team. She was pictured regularly during the European Championship in 2016, where Griezmann became one of the biggest stars. Many a woman got quite jealous. Not only because of the Basque’s beautiful looks, with her long brown hair and slim figure, but also because her husband is extremely well liked by the babes.

Even though Erika Choperena is very media shy, this doesn’t stop her fans from keeping their own fan account on Instagram. On it you can find virtually every picture being taken from the brunette. Meanwhile, the French striker’s great performance might forebode a move for the family, as Griezmann is being closely monitored by Europe’s big clubs.

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