Georgina Dorsett, the famous girlfriend of Tom Cleverley

Georgina Dorsett, the famous girlfriend of Tom Cleverley

Initially the love between Tom Cleverley and television star Georgina Dorsett was considered some kind of joke. Now they have been in a relationship for years and have started a family.

Cleverley and Dorsett have been together since 2012. At the time, the handsome blonde was already very well known in England. She was starring in a reality show called The Only Way Is Essex, or TOWIE. The show is not exactly highly regarded as it is compared to Jersey Shore. The young love at first caused sarcastic comments on Cleverley’s friends, who also teased him that he had become a toy boy for Georgina, who is five years his senior.

Yet their love turned out to be real. Georgina also kept emphasizing she had more depth than what it looked like on TOWIE. In 2013 they had their first daughter, named Nevaeh. The name is a reference to ‘heaven’, only in reverse. In 2016, she also gave birth to son Albie George.

Georgina Dorsett is a good friend of singer Rochelle Humes, who was also present at their wedding. Even Wayne and Coleen Rooney were there, obviously.

Before she met Cleverley, pretty Georgina was working in real estate development. However, that career has been on a backburner since she is involved with the footballer of Manchester United and Everton.

Before his relationship with Georgina Dorsett the midfielder had an even much prettier girlfriend, although that is our humble opinion. He was getting it on with lascivious Emily O’Hara, a professional model, singer and wedding planner and of course also a blonde.

Cleverley however seems to come up just short of the absolute top. He was not selected for the English national team at the European Championships in 2016 and decided to swap Manchester United for Everton, as the playmaker for the Red Devils was not sure of a starting spot. However, even in Liverpool he brings home a nice salary, estimated at over two million per year.