Gonzalo Higuain, womanizer pur sang

Gonzalo Higuain, womanizer pur sang

The Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain has already gone through quite a few girlfriends. He is seen as a real womanizer, who switches girlfriends more often than he switches clubs. In the past he was with Lara Wechsler, Daniela Saurwald and Lucia Fabiani.

Since February 2016 Higuain had been in a relationship with Lara Wechsler. They were first spotted together in Argentina. Lara is a couple of years younger than the goal getting striker, and a professional model. In this she seals off her personal life hermetically and rejected various television jobs. The couple is said to have met in Spain, where Lara is a student and Gonzalo played football when he was with Real Madrid. Rumours are, they already broke up by the end of 2016. Not surprising, given the Argentine womanizer’s history.

Until the end of 2015 the striker was doing it with Daniela Saurwald, a German reporter. Their two-year relationship seemed serious and even wedding plans were mentioned. However, the Argentinian was also linked to flirts with Zaira Nara, Ailen Bechara, Micaela Vázquez, Valentina Ferrer (Miss Universe Argentina) and Noelia Marzol.

And then there was Lucia Fabiani, who had already had some romances with other players. With her he experienced an odd vacation, where he got injured when he jumped off a ship near the Italian island of Capri. Their relationship was doomed as well, presumably because Higuain simply cannot get enough of seducing beautiful women. Spain, Italy and Argentina are teeming with juicy stories about escapades of the Napoli-goal getter, who, according to the PrimicasYa.com website, also had a threesome once with Floppy Tesouro and Claudia Ciardone, two blonde ladies in a nightclub in Buenos Aires.

Another episode in the book “Women of Higuain”. In 2013, the striker supposedly was together with Esteban Bethlehem. In the same year, he was linked to Playboy model Rocío Marengo.