Helena Seger, WAG of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Helena Seger, WAG of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

French tabloids call her the ‘Queen Bee of French Wag’s’. Helena Seger has managed to persist at Zlatan Ibrahimovic’ side for over ten years.

Apart from that the Swedish beauty is over ten years older than the whimsical striker. In his biography he called her an ‘evil super bitch deluxe’. They have two sons together: Maximillian and Vincent. At a young age she left Lindesberg, where she was known as a somewhat rebellious girl, to chase her own dreams. As a 17-year old she moved to Malmö, where Zlatan was born. In 2005 their spark ignited even though Swedish media used to call her a ‘gold digger’ at first.

In her opinion that was unfair as she already had a great life. She had a flourishing career as a businesswoman.  Even without Zlatan’s fortune she already was a multi-millionaire. Here interests are mainly in fashion, sports and media. Besides that she is an actress and a model. For example, she posed for the cover of Elle.

Helena Seger is Zlatan Ibrahimovic girlfrield

There are a lot of anecdotes about Zlatan and his love life. For example when a reporter asked the Swede what he gave his former girlfriend Maria for their engagement: ,,Nothing. She already has Zlatan.” On a question from a female reporter about his sexual orientation Ibrahimovic replied: ,,Come to my place and you’ll find out if I’m gay. Bring your sister too.” And, being the modest man he is: ,,Normally it’s impossible to be a legend before you die. But I am a living legend…”

Before Zlatan Ibrahimovic became involved with Helena Seger, he had been together for a while with Maria Olhage, a graphic design-student. They met in 2000, when Maria was working at a hotel on Cyprus where the Swede was on holiday. About this encounter she said: ,,He was so shy. He was in the bar, keeping me company all day. I didn’t even know he was a well-known football player. I was shocked to find out how much attention he got when I came back home.” Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Maria Olhage even were engaged for a while. But shortly before the striker left for Ajax they ended their engagement.

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