Jessica Farber, Toni Kroos’ childhood love

Jessica Farber, Toni Kroos’ childhood love

Toni Kroos is still together with his school sweetheart Jessica Farber. In 2014 they had their first baby: Leon. They got married on 12 June 2015.

Jessica Farber cannot be compared to many other German players’ wives like Anna Lewandowska (Robert Lewandowski) or Lisa Trede Müller (Thomas Müller). Unlike these extroverted women who love to be in the spotlights Jessica Farber deliberately chooses the shades. For that reason there is not a lot we know about her life.

What we do know, is that Jessica is working in the tourism sector and consciously stays away from the classic WAG-existence. Neither is Toni Kroos much interested in sharing his private life with the German and Spanish tabloid press, which is a major frustration for newspapers who love nothing more than juicy stories about star players. And if he wants to comment on it at all he will do this on his own Facebook-page, as he did in March 2016. This was when he announced he and his wife Jessica were expecting their second baby in the summer of 2016.

Kroos called Jessica Farber ,,his main support outside of football.” They have had a relationship since 2008. They got married in 2015, in deepest secret, and did not announce their marriage until afterwards, with a picture from their honeymoon. Although Jessica Farber does not do interviews she always appears faithfully at the club’s activities, like the FC Bayern Oktoberfest or at galas.

It is not altogether clear whether or not brunette Jessica is still working in tourism since her husband Toni Kroos transferred to Real Madrid. Toni Kroos has a younger brother: Felix Kroos. The blonde midfielder, who reportedly was not very busy with studying back in school but already preferred playing football, is the owner of a holiday home on Mallorca, among other things. Kroos was complemented in 2014 by late Dutch football legend Johan Cruijff who said: ,,Toni Kroos does everything right. The speed of his passes is correct and he sees the game. He is almost perfect.

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