Jorgelina Cardoso, Angel di Maria’s sexy wife

Jorgelina Cardoso, Angel di Maria’s sexy wife

Even though Jorgelina Cardoso, Angel di Maria’s wife, is already a mother, with her sexy figure she is still a looker. The blonde Argentinian has been with Di Maria since 2009.

Jorgelina Cardoso and Angel di Maria are both from the city Rosario, Argentina. They first met in 2009, two years later they got married and Jorgelina became Angel di Maria’s wife. Argentine media described her as the biggest fan of her football-playing husband and she is not afraid to box the ears of anyone who dares criticise Di Maria.

In 2013 their daughter Mia was born. Due to her ill health, the girl had to stay in the hospital for two months. It was a very difficult period, “Jorgita” posted on her Instagram account. Besides being his wife she also acts as Angel di Maria’s manager. On her Instagram account, you will find mainly photos of the family.

Even though Jorgelina is already over thirty and a mother, she still has a well-toned body. Moreover, she is not averse to showing her beauty on the beach, where she can be found in a minuscule bikini during her holidays with Angel and Mia.

In recent years, Di Maria’s career has met some difficulties. He impressed people at Benfia where he earned a transfer to Real Madrid. After his transfer for about 75 million from Real Madrid to Manchester United, the striker soon traded the English club for French Paris Saint Germain, which paid about 44 million euros for him. You certainly do not have to pity the couple, because even in Paris di Maria still makes roughly 8 million euros annually. Incidentally, the winger also holds Italian nationality. Both Di Maria and his wife Jorgelina have expressed the ambition of returning to Rosario one day. The couple are close friends with Marcelo and his girlfriend Clarisse Alves.