Karim Benzema, caught in affairs with Rihanna and Zahia Dehar

Karim Benzema, caught in affairs with Rihanna and Zahia Dehar

Karim Benzema wore out quite a few girlfriends. With Chloe De Launay, he even had a daughter, Melia. However, the last girlfriend connected to him is Cora Gauthier.

Benzema would have met the Londoner in Madrid. They were seen together already, but nevertheless the French striker tries to keep this conquest from publicity as much as possible. After all, quite a lot has been written about the striker in recent years by tabloid papers, because of the sex tape affair.

Cora is a professional model and two years Karim’s junior. Together they already flew to the Maldives for a romantic holiday. However, lately new rumours have started that Cora Gauthier and Karim Benzema might have broken up already.

That would not be very surprising, given the reputation Benzema has to uphold. Previously, he was together with busty Analica Chaves, an ex-girlfriend of Axel Witsel. Supposedly, he also had a brief adventure with singer Rihanna! The American pop star was spotted with the Real Madrid striker by paparazzi.

Yet Benzema does not always choose younger girlfriends. Around 2012 he met French singer Jenifer Yael. Mostly, however, Benzema was discredited by the night he had with underage prostitute Zahia Dehar. It prompted French Justice to investigate him, as sex with a minor is punishable by three years in prison. Benzema was acquitted, however, because he was unaware the call girl was only 16 when she performed sexual acts with him. A year later, Franck Ribéry apparently had a hot night with Zahia Dehar as well.

His turbulent love life appears to be the reason Benzema is no longer taking care of their daughter Melia with Chloe De Launay. Chloe, a professional nurse, was in a six-year relationship with the striker. A possible marriage was mentioned, for which De Launay would convert to Islam. But the affairs with Zahia Dehar and Rihanna were not exactly beneficial for their love.