Laia Grassi and Valentina Roth, ex-girlfriends of Alexis Sanchez

Laia Grassi and Valentina Roth, ex-girlfriends of Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez’s love life is not exactly a bed of roses. The Chilean attacker even was embroiled in a sex scandal once, and he was dumped because his performance between the sheets apparently was not too great.

Sanchez was accused by ex-girlfriend Valentina Roth of having allowed his friends to tape them having sex. The busty beauty heard a noise in the closet and decided to have a look. There she met two highly embarrassed friends of Alexis’, who were holding their cell phones to film them. The former FC Barcelona player, however, firmly denies this. But the video was leaked. It also marked the end of the relationship.

It was not the only time Alexis Sanchez made a mess of his relationship. His relationship with Laia Grassi was tabloid fodder as well. First there was the story of a Chilean newspaper, claiming the attacker was in bad shape on the field because he made love with Laia Grassi too often. And then there were the stories about Sanchez’s infidelity. Spanish stewardess Mary Plaza claimed having an affair with the Arsenal-striker and even getting pregnant.

However, supposedly the last straw was being caught sending racy messages to former Miss Chile Camila Andrade. Other lectures claim Alexis Sanchez was dumped by Laia Grassi because his performance between the sheets was a drama. Anyway, ever since, Alexis Sanchez seems to have had enough of relationships. He does pose with his dogs on Instagram with great regularity. Anyway, we do not have to pity the Chilean. His annual salary is about 10 million euros.

Alexis Sanchez is also called El Niño Maravilla, a nickname given to him by fans of Colo Colo. He left there in 2007 to arrive at Arsenal ultimately, via River Plate, Udinese and Barcelona. Below you can find some pictures of the beautiful ex-girlfriends of Alexis Sanchez.