Lena Stiffel, childhood love of Julian Draxler

Lena Stiffel, childhood love of Julian Draxler

Puppy love, it still exists. Julian Draxler and Lena Stiffel have been together since they were in their teens.

Julian and Lena went to the same school. Even better, they were in the same year, where the spark ignited between the lovebirds. Lena Stiffel is not a classic example of a wag. She is modest and prefers staying in the background. Neither does she have the looks of some of the top models parading by the side of star players, nevertheless she is beautiful and more of the type ‘girl next door’. Lena has dark, black hair, a nicely shaped figure and a sweet smile.

She hardly does any interviews and keeps her own life carefully away from the outside world. Julian Draxler himself is not very talkative about his girlfriend either. The couple share a passion for shopping. Besides that, Julian is a fanatical gamer and loves tennis and music. Together they went on a holiday to Egypt.

In the past the talented midfielder was linked to a different Lena too. This would be Lena Terlau, who unlike Lena Stiffel is not black-haired but a blonde and won several miss-contests. Apparently Draxler and Terlau never had any relationship even though they were often linked.

Draxler has been linked to big clubs for years. As a 17-year-old he was one of the youngest debutants in the Bundesliga and has been on many a head hunter’s list ever since. Meanwhile his value is said to be more than fifty million Euro and he is mentioned as one of Europe’s greatest talents. Moreover he already played his first match for the German national team in 2012. In 2015 the winger transferred from Schalke ‘04, where he trained in their youth programme for years and started playing matches, to VfL Wolfsburg. A difficult decision as the player, who was born in Gladbeck, has been going to Schalke matches with his father ever since he was a boy.

As far as is known Julian Draxler and Lena Stiffel have not got any wedding plans yet although this easily changes in the world of football.

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