Mandy Capristo and Amine Gülse, women in the life of Mesut Özil

Mandy Capristo and Amine Gülse, women in the life of Mesut Özil

On, off, on, off. It seems Mesut Ozil can live neither without nor with Mandy ‘Grace’ Capristo.

Until October 2014 they had been a dream couple: Mesut Ozil and pretty Mandy Capristo who likes to be called Grace nowadays. However, their relationship fell apart, it did not work anymore. To Bild father Mustafa Ozil told how Mandy drove a wedge between him and Mesut. ,,She drove him crazy. He was head over heels in love.” Apparently it disrupted the relationship between father and son seriously: ,,He is my son and I am his father. This is a bond that is not easily severed.”

But however abruptly the love ended, it returned just as abruptly in early 2015. German tabloids call it the ‘comeback of the century’. By the end of that year there was even some talk about a possible engagement, although early 2016 there were again rumours a new breakup between Capristo and the German midfielder was about to happen.

And then there was the flirt with Amine Gülse, about which Turkish media could not stop talking after pictures turned up where they were doing more than just smiling at each other. Amine is a model and was spotted in London as well, where Ozil, who has Turkish roots too, is playing for Arsenal. On top of that tabloids claim Ozil had an affair with Aida Yespica.

Mandy Grace Capristo is gaining fame as a singer and a model. In 2007 German readers picked her to be one of the ten sexiest women in FHM. In 2012 she launches a career as a singer with the band Monrose and also a solo career. In 2016 a new single is released under her second name Grace.

Mesut Ozil made his début as a 17-year-old for Schalke ‘04. Because he did not want to renew his contract after a nice start Schalke sold him to Werder Bremen. There he had a rough time at first but in 2010 he got his dream transfer to Real Madrid. Three years later he moved to Arsenal, where he is cashing in about seven million Euros each year.

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Een foto die is geplaatst door Amine Gülşe (@gulseamine) op