Marie Kindermans, Thorgan Hazard Belgian girlfriend

Marie Kindermans, Thorgan Hazard Belgian girlfriend

Thorgan Hazard is in a relationship with Marie Kindermans. Together they have a little daughter, Elayna, and a dog called Brun.

Kindermans is a daughter of Johan Kindermans, former youth coach with Anderlecht. Marie grew up in the Flemish Brabant town of Beersel, she has two brothers. Since mid 2008 she has been with Thorgan Hazard, brother of Eden Hazard. About their relationship Thorgan says: ,,Marie and I have been together for four-and-a-half-years. I am happy she’s living with me. Thankfully she does the cooking and cleaning. I do the dishes and walk the dog or work in the garden a bit. Actually I lead a very normal life.” Marie was the one who picked the name of their dog Brun: ,,My girlfriend picked that name because he’s all brown.”

Hazard is not really bothered with the constant comparison to his brother Eden. In 2012 he already said: ,,People have compared me to Eden for fourteen years. Yet we each walk our own path. I don’t worry about it anymore. C’est la vie.”

And even though Marie is proud of the Golden Shoe her boyfriend won in the past he’s not allowed to display it in their house too prominently. ,,My trophy? It’s in the hallway, as my girlfriend didn’t want the Golden Shoe in the living room.” Hazard started his career with Lens, after which he was picked up by Chelsea. After he did not manage to break through there Borussia Mönchengladbach contracted him. Thorgan is a son of parents Thierry and Carine Hazard. Besides Eden he has two more brothers: Kylian and Ethan. He is in almost daily contact with Eden: ,,We are one the phone regularly. If I have the time I go see one of his matches. For instance I went to see the Chelsea – Liverpool match. Kylian, who is playing for Lille, is often addressed about Eden. He answers the question dutifully and that is that. It does not bother him. It bothers my youngest brother Ethan more.”

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