Naomi Solange, stylish girlfriend of Moussa Dembélé

Naomi Solange, stylish girlfriend of Moussa Dembélé

Moussa Dembélé has been in a relationship with girlfriend Naomi Solange Singles since 2012. The couple have a son: Maleec.

Maleec is a name of Arabic origin and means ‘king’ or ‘master’. The midfielder for Tottenham Hotspur converted to Islam several years ago. Apparently Moussa Dembele met his Dutch girlfriend shortly after he traded AZ for the Spurs. Naomi had been a model up to then but decided to quit her career to travel to London with her Belgian hunk. She nevertheless is still a brilliant appearance with her slim body and gorgeous long brown hair. At the moment Naomi Solange is mostly busy with her little Maleec. On her Instagram profile she just loves sharing pictures of their love child.

According to his sister Assita the two really belong together, as she told in Dag Allemaal: ,,He is a quiet one. That’s important for him. Moussa is stay-at-home. I think it’s related to his past. He often wasn’t allowed to enter discos. It gave him disgust for night life, I think”, Moussa’s sister Assita tells Dag Allemaal.

She was quite surprised to hear the news about the baby: ,,It really was a surprise, Moussa is not someone to spontaneously hold a child or something. If he’s ready for it, I do not know. But he will be a super dad in his own way, that much is absolutely sure!”

Dembele is the son of Campinian artist Tilly Huygen and Malinese Yaya. Little people know that the gifted anchor has a fear of flying. He also likes discussion, according to sister Assita: ,,Moussa loves to discuss things. Always in a relaxed way but genuinely interested, an about serious subjects. I think he has become more spiritual. At least more mature.”

No doubt Tilly, Yaya, Assita and Naomi are in the stands during the Euros as well, to support Moussa Dembele.

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