Natacha Van Honacker, the shy WAG of Eden Hazard

Natacha Van Honacker, the shy WAG of Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard has been in a relationship with Natacha Van Honacker since his teens. At the early age of 19 he first became a dad when Yannis was born.

In April 2012 they got married in utmost secrecy after having been a couple since they were 14. It was love at first sight. When Hazard started playing for Lille WAG Natacha stayed in Belgium at first, to finish her education. When they were 18 they moved in together in a flat.

Natacha is known as being introverted and shy. She likes to cook and loves making pizzas with surprising ingredients. Apart from that she loves to travel – New York is her favourite destination – and she reads a lot of books. She also plays badminton and likes to play chess. Eden Hazard is a real family man who is happiest at home, surrounded by Natacha and their sons Leo and Yannis.

Hazard already confessed how Natacha’s opinion is very important in defining his career. If she wants him to go to France he is open-minded about a transfer to Paris Saint Germain. Beside that, the creative forward stated to be honoured by kind words from his former manager, José Mourinho. He is also trying to be the best football player in the world. In this, Zinedine Zidane is his example: ,As Zinédine Zidane was my role model I hope to be inspiring children in Belgium and the rest of the world. That way I learned the most as a little boy. I watched video tapes of Zidane and other players to learn things.”

He also confirms having a stable personality: ,,I know I have the image of somebody who is unconcerned about anything. But I watch what I eat, sleep well and I am always punctual. I live for my profession. Dance clubs are for 18-year-old boys looking for a girl. I am 23 years old and a father of two, there is nothing for me in nightlife. I find my happiness at home. Without my family I’m nothing. My family is the cornerstone of my happiness.”

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