Nina Weiss, Manuel Neuer newest WAG

Nina Weiss, Manuel Neuer newest WAG

It seemed as if Manuel Neuer was going to grow old with Kathrin Gilch, but their relationship ended in 2014. In 2015 the goalie for the German national team presented his new girlfriend Nina Weiss.

In November 2015 Neuer for the first time appeared together with pretty blonde Nina Weiss on the red carpet at a gale for the Aids Foundation, hosted by Nina’s father. The lovebirds had been sighted together before, at the famous FC Bayern Oktoberfest, but were not yet ready to confirm their relationship back then. Ever since she is a loyal follower of his games and sparkles in the stands with her beautiful smile.

Nina is from Berlin and is still studying at the School of Economics and Law. They apparently met in 2014 when Manuel Neuer’s wax figure was being produced for Madame Tussauds. ,,We picked the eyes together”, says the blonde goalie. Until then they did not want to give any interviews about their budding love, however.

At that moment he was still legally married to Kathrin Gilch, with whom he had been together for five years altogether. After he met pretty Nina, Kathrin did still accompany the goalkeeper to Brazil for the World Championship, but several months later their love was really over. In November the hairdresser announced in a rather formal way that she had ‘divorced Mister Neuer’ and everything was now publicly confirmed. Gilch was not allowed to give any further details, as they, according to Bild, had agreed for Manuel Neuer to pay her a monthly financial contribution for her secrecy about their break-up. It appears very much so, however, that Nina Weiss played a part in the failing of their marriage.

Manuel Neuer grew up in Gelsenkirchen and made the switch from Schalke ‘04 to FC Bayern München. In 2016 he decided to renew his contract until mid 2021, which also increases his salary. Manuel and Nina can expect around 15 million Euros annually in their bank account. Regularly the goalie is called the best goalkeeper in the world.

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