Raquel Mauri, beautiful girlfriend of Ivan Rakitic

Raquel Mauri, beautiful girlfriend of Ivan Rakitic

The Croatian playmaker Ivan Rakitic has been in a relationship with Raquel Mauri since 2011. The Spanish beauty was a professional hairdresser before she became famous as a player’s wife.

Mauri was born in Seville, Spain. In that city she met Ivan Rakitic in 2011, who was going to sign for Sevilla at the time. ,, It was the night after I had had my contract negotiations with the president of the club. The next day I would be having the medical examination, so I was nervous. Because I could not sleep I went to the hotel bar, where I was served by a lovely lady. In that moment my brother called that another club was interested and that there was a private plane ready, but I said: No, I have given my word to the president of the club and I’m going to marry this woman. ”

Rakitic lived in the hotel for three months and came to the hotel bar every evening. ,, When another waitress wanted to help me, I said: No, I want to be served by the other lady. ” Because of the anecdote Rakitic likes to compare himself with George Clooney, who has a reputation for seducing waitresses. The Croat had to go to great lengths to take Raquel Mauri out on a date, because she was always working. But once she had a day off and she agreed to his offer to go out for dinner, the ice was broken and the spark ignited. Two years later they got married, when Raquel Mauri was already pregnant with their first child. On their honeymoon they went to the Maldives.

Rakitic is partly Swiss. However, when the midfielder of FC Barcelona decided to play for Croatia, he received a number of death threats from fanatical Swiss football fans, who rang him, sent threatening messages and even pounded on the door of his house. By now everything is quiet again for Ivan Rakitic and his beautiful girlfriend Raquel Mauri. The Barcelona playmaker would be earning around eight million euros a year in salary. Look, some wonderful pictures of Raquel Rakitic.

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