Romelu Lukaku WAGs

Romelu Lukaku WAGs

Romelu Lukaku has made his way through a lot of girlfriends. The Red Devils’ striker had been in a steady relationship with Julia (Julie) Vandenweghe and had some short flirts with Natassia van Kerkvoorde, Eveline Ribaudo and Mandy De Saeger.

Although there were recent rumours Lukaku had a new girlfriend he said not to be looking for a woman for the time being: ,,I am single.” What he will be looking for: ,,I’d like an independent woman who leads her own life, who’s as ambitious as I am and who balances me out. Someone who can handle the pressure on my shoulders. Apart from that I cannot imagine my girlfriend not being a family person or not caring about respect.”

Lukaku was in a relationship with Julie Vandenweghe from 2012. But in the end of 2014 their love ran aground after they both removed their shared Facebook and Instagram pictures. Only a few months before they had gone on a nice holiday to the United States together.

The striker also had a short romance with Natassia Kerkvoorde, or at least that’s what the buxom brunette claims. She claims having shared a bed with the striker. The World Championship is supposed to be the reason they never got in a real relationship: ,,Romelu and I met last year after my exams. After a night out we kept in touch through Skype but circumstances weren’t on our side. He was in England, I was here. He had to prepare for the World Championship, I had my exams. So there wasn’t a lot of time for each other. In short, the championship ruined our relationship.” Now Natassia Kerkvoorde is not known for being a prude. She gained some infamy in March 2016 after the alleged leaking of a sex video with her in a threesome .

Eveline Ribaudo, a Miss Belgium-candidate, too was Lukaku’s sweetheart for a while: ,,The problem is that a girlfriend is absolutely not the most important thing in his life.” Mandy De Saeger thinks the same, another Miss Belgium-candidate and ex-girlfriend. She’s annoyed that her being one of the strong striker’s exes is common knowledge: ,,He won’t be pleased by this, that’s for sure.”