Sarah Richmond, Julian Weigl’s exotic girlfriend

Sarah Richmond, Julian Weigl’s exotic girlfriend

He is considered one of the greatest talents in Germany. Midfielder Julian Weigl is in for a great future. In that he is supported by his exotic girlfriend, who goes by the name of Sarah Richmond.

Their relationship began in 2011 and on Valentine’s Day at that. They already went to Chicago together; this is where Sarah’s father is from. Moreover, Sarah followed her boyfriend Julian when he switched from 1860 München to Borussia Dortmund. The pretty lady studied radio and television journalism at the Dortmund Media Academy. Furthermore, however, Julian Weigl and Sarah Richmond keep their private life out of the spotlight as much as possible.

As yet they have not done any interviews, but Sarah does have her own website, on which she describes herself as: “Optimistic with always a smile on my lips. I’m Sarah Richmond, my American father gave me my last name. I’m a student of TV and radio journalism at the Media Academy WAM in Dortmund. However, I am also very interested in architecture and interior design. After my boyfriend, my dog Mason is the happiest thing in my life. ”

On her website, she publishes photos of home decoration, vintage stuff and fashion items. Her Instagram account, moreover, is teeming with fashionable selfies and sunny holiday pics, along with her boyfriend Julian Weigl. And of course, a lot of pictures of Mason.

Weigl, meanwhile, is well-known as a defensive midfielder. Despite his young age he has already been selected for the German national team in the European Championship 2016 in France. Sarah Richmond has dark hair, a radiant smile, big eyes and a sporty figure. Her boyfriend Julian as well has the looks and the skills to make it. Given his rapid breakthrough in Dortmund there is a career waiting for him with the very best in Europe. He soon made people forget about Sebastian Kehl, who still has a quite decent record at Borussia Dortmund. The club has already stated they want a long-time commitment from Weigl to the club, where the midfielder can expect a salary between 1.5 and 4 million euros.