Sherin Senler, girlfriend of Jerome Boateng

Sherin Senler, girlfriend of Jerome Boateng

They have known a break-up in their relationship in the past, but Jerome Boateng returned to his girlfriend Sherin Senler.

The couple had children at a young age, Soley and Lamia, but they split up in 2011. Relations were messed up so badly they only communicated through their lawyers. The tough defender might have cheated, German tabloids speculate. More specific: Boateng allegedly had a wild night at the Pentahotel in Berlin with lingerie model Gina-Lisa Lohfink, former contestant of Germany’s Next Topmodel and another friend. Photographers took pictures of the meeting between the top football player and the busty model.

Sherin Senler reacted coolly, claiming they had already been separated for a year at the time. Lofink later claimed they had only had a serious conversation in her room but nobody in Germany believed it.

But just look at it. By the end of 2013 the flame apparently reignited between Boateng and the woman he had twins with. They gave their love a second chance. Even better: spring 2014 Jerome Boateng asked beautiful Sherin Senler, or Sherin Sendler as she is sometimes called, to marry him.

A year later there were new speculations however, about trouble in their marriage. Boateng is said to have shown violent behaviour and abused his wife Sherin. According to Bunte, and Bild she reported him for a head injury. What is interesting is that some media later removed their publication, so this might well be a speculation that is not based in truth.

Although we have to conclude Sherin Senler until now only got press when there was trouble and rarely was interviewed in the past about her own life. We only now she is a fashion student, but otherwise her background and interests are completely unknown. Their love for their twins Soley and Lamia is deeply rooted though. Such as the names of their children which Jerome Boateng has tattooed on his body and the chain with their names he wears around his neck.