Sofia Balbi, Luis Suarez’ beautiful WAG

Sofia Balbi, Luis Suarez’ beautiful WAG

She is the wife of one of the most-discussed football players of 2014. Sofia Balbi is Luis Suarez’ sweetheart, the striker who likes to sink his teeth in his opponents. The love between Sofia and Luis reaches back to their childhood as she has been Suarez’ girlfriend from early on.

Balbi is not a gold digger, which is made clear by the moment the two met. In 2001 Luis worked as a street cleaner in the streets of Montevideo. As the story goes, 15-year-old Suarez saved up the money he made with that job as well as any coins he found in the streets, until he had enough to take the pretty blonde out on a date.

Compared to her football playing husband, Balbi is from a decent and moderately prosperous family. Suarez grew up in more difficult circumstances. Despite that, Balbi’s family welcomed him with open arms and tried to encourage him to take courses.

Sofia was also the great motivator behind becoming a successful player. In 2003 his childhood sweetheart moved to Barcelona. Luis stayed behind and resolved to get in the spotlight of a European club to be closer to the love of his life. FC Groningen was the club that brought Suarez to the Netherlands in 2006. During his days off Suarez always flew to Barcelona to see his girlfriend. FC Barcelona still is Suarez’ favourite club. In 2009 Luis and Sofia got married. They now have two children: Delfina and Benjamin.

People who are close take it that Sofia has a positive influence on Suarez’ life. She is honest and straightforward and a pillar of the Uruguayan’s life. But even she could not prevent Luis Suarez from biting an opponent for the third time, during the World Championship-match against Italy. While he was playing for Ajax he did this to Otman Bakkal, this time Chiellini got bitten. He was suspended by FIFA for nine international matches. Moreover he is not allowed to train, play or visit a stadium for four months. Let us hope beautiful Sofia is able to entertain him in the months to come and get him to understand that his behaviour might impede an absolute breakthrough as a top player.

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