The WAGS of Thibaut Courtois: Marta Dominguez and Emily Vanhoutte

The WAGS of Thibaut Courtois: Marta Dominguez and Emily Vanhoutte

Since the end of 2013 Thibaut Courtois has been together with Spanish Marta Dominguez. Together they have a little girl: Adriana.

Courtois met gorgeous Marta Dominguez during his stay with Atletico Madrid. Although the couple pose for some extremely sweet pictures there are wild rumours about the goalkeeper’s libido.
Because the relationship between Thibaut Courtois and beautiful Marta Dominguez did take a couple of blows already. In English tabloid press a persistent rumour appeared about Flemish lingerie model Emily Vanhoutte having an affair with the goalkeeper in early 2014. Vanhoutte, former Miss Belgium, claims being framed by the goalie, who pretended to be single. ,,If I had known he was already taken I would never have started anything with him. I didn’t know he was leading a double life.”

De blonde apparently met Courtois in the Versuz dance club in Hasselt. A witness told Clint: ,,The bottles of vodka – of at least 500 Euros each – were racing through the VIP-room and one moment Thibaut and his friends were accompanied by two young ladies. One of them – Emily Vanhoutte – seemed to be hitting it off with Thibaut. “Those two looked like a couple! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Didn’t Thibaut have a girlfriend in Spain?”

After that they were said to have spent several passionate nights at the Hasselt Holiday Inn hotel. According to Emily the Chelsea-goalkeeper was seeing her more than Marta and was even proudly showing her off to his friends. ,,But I am not a gold digger. I wasn’t interested in his money. I thought we were just having fun together.”

Actually this is not the first story about Courtois’ extramarital escapades. Spanish Jennifer Sánchez also claims to have had an affair with the goalie: ,,We met once a week but I’ve never been to his home. We tried to get together on moments when Marta had to work. We never used contraception when having sex. In other words, he took a great risk. Who knows, I might have been pregnant by now.”

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