The mysterious love life of Nacer Chadli

The mysterious love life of Nacer Chadli

Is Nacer Chadli single? We are not entirely sure, but it has been quiet for some time where the winger’s love life is involved.

The forward might possibly have a girlfriend but then he manages to keep her well-hidden. In any case, during the summer of 2015 he posed by himself on a beautiful boat on holiday. He is most definitely wanted by beautiful women: it is not for nothing he posed as an underwear model for Dolce & Gabbana.

It is not so weird Chadli has become a little careful around the ladies as he had previous experience with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa B., who claims to have a son from him called Noah and wants a lot of money.
As we said Chadli met the wrong person where love was involved. ,,After we broke up I heard I hadn’t been the only one she slept with in that time. First she tried in vain to fool another guy into thinking he was the father. Now it’s my turn’, Chadli told Belgian magazine Dag Allemaal.

Ex-girlfriend Vanessa is serious: ,,There was never any doubt Nacer is the father of my child. Besides, I think it’s hard to miss the resemblance. A paternity test is unnecessary, nobody but Nacer can be the father. Even before I knew I was pregnant we split up. With his financial help I will be able to manage.”

So it is not such a strange thing the former AGOVV and FC Twente-player is careful and reserved where girlfriends are concerned. Nevertheless, his career is doing great and he is of high value for the Red Devils. Maybe the talented and gifted technician might play a significant role at the European Championship. And Vanessa? We haven’t heard from her in quite a while.