The shielded family of Mino Raiola

The shielded family of Mino Raiola

His assets are estimated at hundreds of millions and without a doubt he is currently the most influential agent in the world. But what does the personal life of Mino Raiola look like?

For although countless analyses, background stories and opinion articles have been written about his quirky style as an agent, we know little about his private life. The fact that he is the son of an Italian pizza maker from Haarlem has been widely reported, but it is relatively unknown that Mino Raiola has a wife and two children. However, the name of Mino Raiola’s wife or girlfriend is not known. Neither where and when their relationship began. The Italian Dutchman knows how to keep his private life carefully shielded.

About his background as a pizza maker Raiola said in the Volkskrant in late 2016: “I do not think it’s demeaning to myself, only the way in which it’s spoken about. Oh, from a little pizza maker to the most powerful man in football. As if you are stupid if you’re a pizza chef. What does it have to do with what my father did?”

Raiola worked at the Napoli restaurant in Haarlem himself. He washed dishes, cleaned toilets, swept, mopped, served drinks and pizza as a waiter and worked as a host. “The only thing I did not do was cook pizzas. As if a pizza chef, or the son of a pizza chef, can’t achieve anything in football.”

And those who think Haarlem is still Raiola’s home base will be disappointed. The fact that he now – no doubt partly due to tax reasons – lives in Monaco is not entirely surprising. In the summer of 2016 a lot of media wrote that he supposedly also bought the villa of former mafia boss Al Capon in Miami: nonsense. “I’d like them to send me the keys. It is thrown into the media by some estate agent who wants to sell that house. And I love Miami, that’s true.”
And for those who wonder why he always dresses so shabbily? That’s because he thinks a tie looks hideous on men with a big belly. And if there is something you cannot deny, it must be Raiola’s potbelly.

Raiola has an Italian passport, but says he is “prouder of the Netherlands than many real Dutch people”. How much money he has made exactly? “What I have earned is nobody’s concern. I do not think I make too much anyway. Apparently people know the value of my services. Those earnings are always in relation to other merits. I have been coaching absolute top players for 25 years. Pogba’s contract was signed by three parties. It was a good deal for everybody, even for Mino Raiola.”

Moreover, Raiola emphasizes he provides quality: “My company invests in quality. We want to be the best, not the biggest. We have an in-house lawyer and a tax expert on a permanent basis. If I have to have a contract checked out through and through by the best lawyer and the best tax lawyer in England, it takes money. The contracts of these players are no laughing matter. It’s about image rights, with damage complications.” By the way, Mino Raiola’s Monaco-based accounting office is called Maguire Tax & Legal, referring to the Academy Award-winning film in which Tom Cruise plays the lead.

Raiola was born in the Italian town of Agri. As a child, he emigrated with his parents to Haarlem in the Netherlands. Until he was 18 Raiola also played football himself, in his hometown of Haarlem, but he gave up playing the sport when he started studying law. In his heart, Raiola is a fan of Napoli. He speaks no less than seven languages: Italian, Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.