The women in the life of James Rodriguez

The women in the life of James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez met his girlfriend Daniela Ospina through her brother David Ospina, who played for Arsenal. They met through mutual friends in 2008. Back then the spark ignited and they started dating.

In 2010 Daniela Ospina and James got married. Together they had daughter Salome in 2013. Daniela is known as being very sporty. In their mutual homeland of Colombia, she already was a meritorious volleyball player and she picked up the sport again after going to Madrid with James. Like her husband she plays for Real Madrid.

And she is shining again in Colombia, temporarily, taking part in the television program Dancing with the Stars. Remarkable about Daniela is her decision to have plastic surgery on her nose after fans of Real Madrid had called her “ugly” and a “transvestite”. After she had the surgery done, she posted a picture on Instagram with the words: “The ugly duckling has become a swan.” In addition, she chose a different hair- and makeup-style.

Yet the marriage of Daniela Ospina and James Rodriguez is not an entirely smooth ride. According to British tabloid press, Rodriguez cheated on his wife with busty Instagram model Helga Lovekaty, who fills her daily existence with placing scantily clad selfies of her shapely body. The affair is fuelled by statements from Colombian journalist Ivan Mejia Alvarez, who indicated on television that James is entertaining several squeezes here and there. Moreover, brunette Lovekaty, a Russian beauty, already mentioned the star player in highly praising terms.

James Rodriguez, coming from Cucuta, went to FC Porto in 2010. In 2013 he moved to AS Monaco, while his real breakthrough came at the 2014 World Cup. It earned him a transfer to Real Madrid and an annual salary of an estimated seven million. For this, The Colombian can thank the strong negotiating skills of his agent Jorge Mendes.