The women in the life of José Mourinho

The women in the life of José Mourinho

Since 1989 success coach José Mourinho has been together with Matilde “Tami” Faria. Together they have two children: Matilde ‘Tita’ Mourinho and José Mourinho Jr., who is called Zuca.

The Portuguese coach has the names of his loved ones tattooed on his arm. Mourinho is a real family man. In interviews, he also said that his wife and children call the shots at home. “Where my work is concerned, they are not trying to influence me, but at the end of the day they still have a lot of influence on the proceedings. Especially when it comes to where to go, where to work and when to change they have a lot of influence on me. ”

José Mourinho met his wife Matilde Faria when they were teenagers growing up in Setúbal. About her daily life little is known. In this regard, daughter Mathilde Mourinho is much better known in the English tabloids. She attracted attention with her low-cut dress and full bosom during the GQ Awards, where she appeared by the side of her father José Mourinho.

It was also speculated that ‘Tita’ was involved with One Direction singer Niall Horan. However, this is denied. The reason they are often spotted together is because Niall Horan is a big football fan, apparently. Son José Mourinho Junior is building a football career as a goalkeeper.

Jose Mourinho and his wife Matilde are passionate Catholics. They are also heavily involved in charity projects in Setubal.

Yet in 2007 The Sun wrote José Mourinho was supposed to have an extramarital affair with a woman named Elsa Sousa. She said: “I love José a lot. The chemistry between us was intense. He is very kind, sweet and attractive.” The affair of the cheating Mourinho supposedly lasted two years. A friend of Elsa claimed in media: “They did very intimate things together. Mourinho is a very sexual man. He loves, for example, to make love listening to the music of Sting. ”