The women in the life of Mario Balotelli

The women in the life of Mario Balotelli

Until now almost no one managed to grab a hold of ‘enfant terrible’ Mario Balotelli. Except for one woman: FANNY NEGUESHA, his ex-girlfriend whom he had even proposed to. And just after the proposal it still went wrong.

Think about it: in 2013 alone, Belgian Fanny and Italian Mario broke up twice. In April and in December the couple had serious relationship crises. Moreover, by the end of last year it looked like Balotelli and Neguesha were finally finished when the AC Milan striker tweeted: “This is the end.” So completely different from six months after, when the erratic striker asked his girlfriend to marry him: “She said yes. The most important yes in my life,” Balotelli tweeted just before the start of the 2014 World Cup.

Fanny Neguesha was born on June 5, 1990 in Belgium. She came from the melting pot of an Italian father and a Congolese mother. Her greatest passion is dancing. Even in high school it was her favourite activity. Today she is still a dancer, which she combines with a career as a model and an actress. Since December 5, 2012 she and Mario Balotelli have been a couple. She got to know the unruly soccer player in his final months at Manchester City and decided to follow him to Milan.

Their love, moreover, goes far. She already had two tattoos to express her love to Balotelli: in her neck and on the inside of her arm. As said, caramel candy Fanny Robert Neguesha combines a gorgeous slim body with an impressive bosom, which appears to heat up Super Mario.

In the past, by the way, Balotelli was in a relationship with RAFFAELLA FICO. This Italian beauty has a reputation to live up to: in the past she had been involved with Cristiano Ronaldo and was also frequently mentioned as being present at the infamous Bunga-Bunga parties of Silvio Berlusconi. With Fico, Balotelli has a daughter called Pia. Which incidentally was not without a struggle. Mario demanded a DNA test, not completely strange given the reputation of his on/off-girlfriend, to be sure that he is actually the father of Pia. But the test proved that it is indeed the case.

In the end the relationship with Fanny would not hold, although everything happened in a remarkable curve. The couple announced getting married, but remarkably, the breakup was revealed not much later. Balotteli fled back to England, where he signed for Liverpool.

And then there’s the rumour that Super Mario had a fling with porn star SARA TOMMASI. The Italian starlet has also been linked to former Barcelona-star Ronaldinho and – there he is again – Silvio Berlusconi.

In Spain, Balotelli hooked up with Eglantine Flore Aguilar. In the past she was getting it on with Ashley Cole and Saido Berahino, but as she put it, they were not even fit to walk in Balotelli’s shadow: “Mario is very well equipped, he is a real Italian stallion. If he is half as athletic on the field as he is in bed, Liverpool should have nothing to worry about!”

A summary:

Barbara Guerra
As a 19-year-old Balotelli made his debut for Inter Milan, where the Italian actress was his first beautiful conquest.

Betty Kourakou
In May 2010 Balotelli enjoyed a brief romance with Greek model Betty Kourakou.

Dayane Mello
It’s only two months later when the Italian again scores a model. This time it is Dayane Mello, who had previously been involved with tennis player Nicolás Massú.

Melissa Castagnoli
Met through Facebook, dumped by text message. Melissa Castagnoli was a finalist in the Miss Italy election, but after a few months Balotelli already got bored with her.

Sophia Reade
With the move to England begins his hunt for British beauties. His first ‘victim’ was model Sophia Reade.

Sara Galimberti
For once not a model, but a top athlete. Sara Galimberti is a long distance runner and had a short fling with Balotelli in April 2011.

Raffaela Fico
Not even two years Balotelli manages to stick with Raffaela Fico. Moreover, he gets the Italian pregnant. Super Mario still demands a paternity test, but he was caught in the act. Pay up!

Chloe Evans
It is not a relationship, rather a real affair. For two years Balotelli is cheating with British model Chloe Evans.

Veronica Graf
A rather bizarre episode in the licentious love-life of Mario Balotelli is his brief adventure with Playboy model Veronica Graf. The two are said to have shared a bed while Graf was in a relationship with Saphir Taïder, and while they were making love they were joined by another couple.

Veronica Angeloni
Another Veronica. Balotelli had a brief affair with Veronica Angeloni, an Italian volleyball player.

Jenny Thompson
Mario Balotelli likes to have it both ways. And so he also cheats with Jenny Thompson in 2012. She is not monogamous either, by the way, because in addition to Balotelli she is also known as Wayne Rooney’s fling.

Holly Henderson
Balotelli carried on and even managed to hook up with Rooney’s second cousin. The womanizer pur sang apparently promised glamour model Holly Henderson he would marry her if she would give up her modelling career.

Desirée Busetto
In 2012, he has just become champion with Manchester City, so Balotelli is living on a cloud. He seduces model Desirée Busetto, but they are not close for very long.

Vanessa Lawrens
Another model, this time they met on holiday on Ibiza. Vanessa Lawrens experienced a hot holiday with the Italian.

Eliana Cartella

Eliana Cartella, as one of a few of his exes, talked about her romance with Balotelli and it was not exactly positive. According to her, Super Mario is a very misogynistic jerk.

Tabby Brown
She is said to have done it with Raheem Sterling too, but in the autumn of 2012 Balotelli experienced hot nights with Tabby Brown. She is also the first he did not dump, she dumped Balotelli herself.

Fanny Neguesha
They were on and off a lot, but the only woman who knew how to tame Balotelli now and then has been Fanny Neguesha. By far, the Belgian beauty had been together with the horny Italian for the longest time.

Carla Howe
Apparently she is the reason why Fanny Neguesha and Mario Balotelli finally put an end to their relationship. Because by now you should know: Mario loves Playboy models. With Carla Howe another one be ticked off from his women-bucket list.

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