Lucky Thomas Vermaelen, who scored HOT WAG Polly Parsons

Lucky Thomas Vermaelen, who scored HOT WAG Polly Parsons

A WAG outside of any category. Thomas Vermaelen can count himself lucky with girlfriend Polly Parsons, whom he has been together with since 2012.

British Polly was born in Bristol and is above all hot, extremely hot. Not for nothing is she a lingerie model, and Mother Nature gave her a gorgeous body. Which she loves to show off, preferably scantily clad. FHM already pronounced her the most beautiful WAG in the world. But there is more Polly Parsons can do: she is a presenter for BBC and also an actress. A girl with assets!

Moreover, in 2013 she gave birth to Raff Vermaelen, the lovechild of the football player and the British model. The couple is said to have met at a party given by Robin van Persie. Shortly before Parsons had broken up with Sid Owen from the British show Eastenders. She had been together with him for six years. There were excited reactions in Spain when FC Barcelona hired Thomas Vermaelen, as he brought a beautiful treat in his wake. Spanish media were already filling tons of pages with gossip and sexy pictures of Polly Parsons.

Vermaelen has been in a serious relationship before. In the past his girlfriend was called Aimee van Ommen. The Dutch model had been together with the centre-back for a couple of years and even followed when he swapped Ajax for Arsenal, but in England their relationship stranded. Wicked tongues are even claiming that meeting Polly Parsons was involved in this.
Aimee van Ommen in turn, is best friends with Charlotte Sophie Zenden-Heitinga, John Heitinga’s wife. Together they launched a line of jewellery in 2016.

Oh well, one might say Thomas Vermaelen has everything going for him where his love life is concerned. He may not have played much in Camp Nou, his score outside of the field will make up for a lot. And with a little bit of luck we can enjoy some nice pictures of Polly Parsons in the stands during the European Championship.

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Een foto die is geplaatst door 💖 Polly Parsons my wolrd 💖 (@polly_parsons_lovers) op

Polly Parsons is not just a name! For someone this name means life She's is so beautiful,kind ,nice,sweet,the best mother, girlfriend,daughter …i don't have more words for her.She is just PERFECT♥ I saw her in 2012. for the first time.This moment changed my live.In this time I was a girl with 10/11. I didn't know anything about her but she became my idole.Because of her I became football fan (because Thomas is her boyfriend and he is football player)! When I was younger I thought that football isn't for girls because of people around me.Because of Polly I changed my opinion about football.I know almost everything about this beautiful game.That's just one reason of milions why I love her so much. When I became her fan (then I was 10 or 11 years old) I didn't know English but because of her I wanted to learn it so fast.My dream was meet her one day.Now I'm older but my dream is today the same like before 4 years.I know this is not easy but the first I really hope she will read this text one day and she will like one of my photos♥ @pollyroseparsons Please tag my queen @pollyroseparsons

Een foto die is geplaatst door 💖 Polly Parsons my wolrd 💖 (@polly_parsons_lovers) op

Birthday sunshine… A few days ago, No filters just Barcelona's beautiful sunshine

Een foto die is geplaatst door Polly Parsons (@pollyroseparsons) op

Photo top: @PollyParsonsx

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